We care, we act

Today's agriculture is directly linked to sustainability. With Arvesta, we therefore focus on a sustainable future for farmers, market gardeners, colleagues, consumers and - of course - the planet.

We drew up a sustainability vision in collaboration with a working group of sustainability ambassadors. Fifty of our Experts in the Field turned that vision into 36 commitments. We formulated our motto: "We care, We act" and laid down 10 priorities.

Read the full Arvesta Activity Report here

Three sustainable pillars

Arvesta is at the forefront of sustainability for farmers, market gardeners and consumers. We focus on the following three sustainability pillars.

Developing sustainable agriculture and horticulture

In this context, we expand our sustainable range, optimise the composition of our products, develop smart agriculture and horticulture solutions for more efficient horticulture and reduce the climate and environmental impact of our horticulture.

Promoting sustainable enterprise

We place sustainability at the forefront through our focus on animal welfare and safety, efficient production and distribution. Among other things, we install an in-house animal welfare charter, optimise our water consumption, and reduce the CO2 emissions generated by our own transport.

Caring for our people and consumers

We therefore increase the safety, health and well-being of our employees, focus on sustainable employability, and work on high-quality solutions for the end consumer.

Do you want to contribute to sustainable agriculture?

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